Water Consultants UK

Water Consultants UK

In the water treatment industry we understand that there is a wide variety of water filtration solutions on the market which suit a whole host of industrial water applications.  As part of our high level of customer service we offer our customers a free consultation where your water systems will be assessed.  Our customers find this to be a great advantage as we have the experience to identify water and cost saving opportunities and ensure the correct water filtration solution for your application.

Through the use of our site water consultation service we have identified opportunities:-

  • Potential Cost Reduction- During our site consultation all the water applications can be assessed, by reviewing the water systems and processes we can advise on cost reduction opportunities such as removing particulate from one process through filtration and reusing this filtered water again for the same process or for an alternative process on site.
  • Energy Saving and Energy cost reduction- Through filtration after our site water consultation we can identify opportunities where industrial water filtration is utilised to improve the water quality of heating and cooling systems enabling them to function more efficiently.  this has been proven to reduce overall energy costs.

Call us today on 0151 420 4630 for a free telephone consultation or to arrange a site visit.

Alternatively email enquiries@hydro-genengineering.co.uk your telephone number or use our contact form and tell us the best time to call, and we will call you to discuss your power generation needs when convenient to you.

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