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Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd are proud manufacturers of the Velocitek OVF (Optimum Velocity Filter.)  Velocitek OVF is a “state of the art” self-cleaning water filtration system, thanks to its cutting edge technology, the velocity of water within the filter system is optimised to each application to provide most effective filter performance.

The Velocitek OVF is a high efficiency media filter which provides filtration degrees down to below 1 micron whilst ensuring that water used for filter backwash is kept to an absolute minimum.

The Velocitek OVF is available in a range of filter sizes providing unlimited flowrate down to 150L/hr in a single compact unit.

Reasons to use Velocitek OVF.

  • Filtration degrees down to less than 1 micron – Filtering your process/heating/cooling water to these degrees holds many advantages, these include inhibiting bacterial growth within your system reducing chemical reliance and gaining greater control, providing enhanced water clarity and a high quality of water for process use or reuse or safe discharge.


  • Automated Self-cleaning system – The Velocitek OVF is a fully automated system, filter condition is constantly monitored and the filter self-cleans and continues filtration as required, this removes the cost associated with maintenance and consumable costs providing a rapid ROI.


  • High Efficiency Filter System – The Velocitek OVF is a high efficiency filter designed to use minimum amounts of water to achieve backwash (self-clean), this keeps water costs to a minimum and provides a reduced environmental impact.


  • Small system footprint – Due to the Velocitek OVF design a relatively small area is required to achieve the same filtration flowrate in comparison to similar technologies in today’s market.  This proves especially useful when installation space is limited and even allows for Velocitek to be supplied as a mobile unit serving several water systems.


  • Inert Media – The Velocitek OVF uses a specially formulated media, as this is neutral, non-reactive the Velocitek OVF is suitable for use in conjunction with a wide range of chemical treatment regimens as the media does not adjust pH levels.



The Velocitek OVF provides effective filtration for a wide range of Applications and Industries and we are finding more and more solutions for more information please see our blog for latest applications and case studies.
If you would like to discuss Velocitek OVF or your system in more detail please contact us.