Disc Water Filtration

Disc Water Filtration 

Disc water filtration supplied by Hydro-Gen Engineering is an extremely flexible and versatile self-cleaning depth filtration technology. This systems unique design means that it only requires the smallest of footprints when compared with other technologies available on the market, which makes it suitable for a wide variety of operations and applications. *



  • Four sizes availableCaters for 2m3/hr upwards
  • Filtration from 10 – 100 micron
  • Available in carbon steel epoxy coated SS (DWI approved) or all plastic
  • Can be used for application were variable input loadings and a high quality water are the requirement
  • Available for operating pressure from 1.5 barg to 10 barg
  • Low back-wash water losses in comparison to water filtration capapbility

Examples of Applications

  • Plastic injection molding and extrusion
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Paper and textiles manufacturing
  • Cooling process water
  • Industrial waste water treatment
  • Municipal waste water treatment
  • Food and Beverage manufacture
  • Sea-Water Filtration

Self-Cleaning Disc filters are self-cleaning depth filter – ideal for removing contaminants such as sand, grit and algae. SpinClean water filtration systems are uniquely compact to accommodate the smallest of footprints, however this does not affect its dirt holding capacity or liquid flow with an exceptionally high surface area.

Disc Filtration Systems use a unique technology using micro-groove discs providing the best possible depth filtration. Internal flushing nozzles ensure the wash-through action releases any trapped particles to remove all solids.  Thanks to this technology’s compact size back-wash water losses are kept to a minimum making this water filtration highly efficient.

For more details about Hydro-Gen Engineering’s Disc Water Filtration please feel free contact us to discuss how you could benefit from self-cleaning water filtration.

Hydro-Gen Engineering are based in the North West region of the UK but can supply SpinClean throughout the UK.

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