Self Cleaning Water Filters – The FMA Series

Self Cleaning Water Filters

FMA 1000 (available with Hydraulic or Electrical operation.)

state of the art patented self cleaning screen technology

state of the art patented self cleaning screen technology

This high performance self cleaning water filter from Hydro-Gen Engineering is suitable for flow rates between 3-280m3/hr (per unit.) Thanks to patented technology, water consumption during cleaning is kept to a minimum. Flow is not interrupted as filtration will continue throughout the cleaning process.

Operation is provided either Electrically or Hydraulically making this industrial filtration system versatile.


FMA 2000, 3000 & FMA5000

Industrial water filtration system

Self-Cleaning Screen filtration system

This state-of-the -art self cleaning water filter is suitable for flow rates between 5-1250m3/hr (per unit). Due to its unique screen design filtration degree can be guaranteed to 100%. Continuous filtration is achieved even during self-cleaning. Operation is provided either Electrically or Hydraulically making this industrial filtration system versatile.



Self-Cleaning Industrial Water Filtration System

FMA 6000 series self-cleaning screen filter


The FMA6000 series is designed to be installed with-in pipe work and is capable of filtering water when high flow rates are required (upto 52,000m3/hr.) This self cleaning water filter system’s double diamond screen is designed to diminish head loss through-out continuous filtration.



Industrial water filtration system with built in UV steralization system

FMA 7000 series self cleaning water filter with built in UV steralisation system

This high efficiency self cleaning water filter for industrial and commercial application is fitted with an integral UV steralisation system, making this filter the whole package.




FMA 9000 Industrial water filtration system

FMA 9000 series Self-cleaning screen filtration system

This FMA9000 series up-standing self cleaning water filter system is suitable for flow rates up to 1250m3/hr (per unit.) This unit has a filtration range of 10-1000 micron making this filter suited to a wide range of applications.


Industrial water filtration system

FMA 10000 series self-cleaning screen filter


This unique self cleaning water filter  system is suitable for flow rates up to 7200m3/hr (per unit) due to is upright design this system has a small footprint compared to its filtration capacity. All of the FMA range industrial filtration systems can be manufactured with a PVC or stainless steel screen and can be adapted to use and a wide range of environments.

In addition to self cleaning water filter systems, Hydro-Gen Engineering also provide a wide range of leading water filtration systems for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Our products include: –

Some of our services in relation to the leading water filtration products that Hydro-Gen Engineering supply, include:-

  • Full After Sale and Service Packages for Water Filtration customers.
  • Free on-site meeting to evaluate and report on your system, potential process improvement and opportunities for energy saving with our filtration systems

We can supply filtration systems for many applications including:-

  • Process water reuse, which can dramatically reduce costs and environmental impact.
  • Heat exchanger/chiller protection.
  • Enhance HSE control of cooling towers.
  • Filtration of alternative water supplies including, borehole water, river water and private reservoirs.
  • Provide significant reductions of effluent and water costs.

Contact Hydro-Gen Engineering Water Filtration Specialists today to discuss your water treatment requirements on 0151 420 4630 orcontact us through our online form.

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