Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

Filtration for Reverse Osmosis Plants

Reverse Osmosis or RO is a system used to produce an ultra-high quality of water with use of membrane. Reverse Osmosis plants are required in many production processes.  Damage to these high quality membranes can easily be caused if no pre-filtration is in place to protect the system from high loading, this can result in extremely high costs of repairs, ranging from tens of thousands to millions, not to mention the loss of production to a company if as a result of plant failure production has to be stopped until the system is repaired.

In some cases Reverse Osmosis plants are provided equipped with their own level of pre-filtration aimed at membrane protection.  These are commonly in the range of 5-10 micron.  However when moderate/poor quality water where solids loading can be persistently or occasionally high these pre-filters can be become overwhelmed and block quickly this then results in the  requirement to replace these filters on a frequent basis which over an annual period can turn into a large overall expense.

Through experience Hydro-Gen have found that with the use of the correct industrial/commercial water filtration in use the life of the RO membrane can be drastically extended and the efficiency of the plant can be maintained.  Additionally, peace of mind and control over the system is maintained as you are safe in the knowledge of the quality of water entering the RO plant.

The efficiency of the Reverse Osmosis plant can be maintained with reduced maintenance and replacement costs and down-time with the correct implementation of Hydro-Gen’s industrial Water Filtration technology.

Hydro-Gen offer a number of industrial water filtration products which are suitable for an application of this nature these are detailed below:-

Self-Cleaning Screen filtration– suitable for high or flow rates providing guaranteed filtration degrees.  These filters operate on a continuous basis and filtration is maintained even during self-cleaning.

Drum Filtration:– Ideal when dealing with high levels of solids loading whilst maintaining continuous filtration

Velocitek OVF Media Filtration:-  Our Advanced Media Filtration systems filter down to 0.45 micron providing high quality water at high flow rates.

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reverse osmosis system

Reverse osmosis system

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