Potable water filtration


Potable Water Filtration

Potable Water Filtration

Potable water is water which is deemed safe enough for human consumption.  On a commercial basis potable water is also used for many other purposes than consumption such as vegetable washing or irrigation of landscapes.  Using potable water in this way can result in a large annual water cost to a company.

With the correct Water Filtration System in use water used for one operation on site can be reused for a different operation or again on the same process.  For example, if we were to look at a Vegetable washing operation.  Potable water used at the finer washing process just before packaging could be filtered using our Industrial Water filtration systems and then reused for an earlier stage of the operation such as soil removal or crop irrigation.

In many operations Potable water need not be required at all and it is quite feasible that bore-hole or river water could be used instead.  This is made possible with the use of our highly efficient Industrial water filtration systems.  Another example of this could be in a paper product application, lagoon or private lake water could be ran through our industrial water filtration systems and then used in numerous parts of the process instead of Potable water.

With the correct water filtration system in place the efficiency of the whole process can be vastly improved. We recommend the following products to be used for effective Potable Water Filtration:-

Velocitek OVF Media Filter

  • Pretreatment for RO plants
  • Pretreatment before disinfection/steralization
  • Removal of Iron/Managanese
  • Filtration as part of desalinisation
  • Improve water clarity and reduce turbidity.

Disc filtration

  • Removal of solid in preparation for RO
  • Filtration in preparation of Ozone treatment
  • Filtration as part of desalination

Self-Cleaning Screen filtration

  • Guaranteed filtration degrees obtained
  • Highly efficient with minimal water losses
  • Continuous filtration throughout operation
  • Suitable for low and high flow rates

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