Municipal & Industrial Waste Water


Municipal & Industrial Waste Water

Whether your specific water usage is for Industrial, Commercial or Municipal purposes all application have one thing in common-waste.  Hydro-Gen’s range of industrial/commercial water filtration systems suit a wide range functions allowing you to reduce overall water and industrial waste-water disposal costs.

Industrial waste water reuse

With the use of the correct industrial water filtration solution the industrial waste water can in many instances be filtered, treated and then re-used for the same or a different application.  This is a commonly used method reducing industrial waste water volume and assisting to keep within discharge consent limits or removing the requirement for costly industrial waste water disposal entirely.  When dealing with industrial waste water or effluent it is commonplace to use Reverse Osmosis systems (RO) or membrane technology to treat the water prior to safe disposal.  Industrial water filters provide a high level of protection for these membranes to avoid damage to the membrane and allow them to operate correctly.   

Chemical usage

An added advantage to utilising the correct industrial water filter as part of your system.  By reducing levels of industrial waste water this also means that any chemical treatment present in the water will not be wasted.  This in itself is an excellent cost saving and also beneficial from an environmental point of view.  For example if a customer is using a nutrient as part of their processing system, not all of the nutrient is used on the first pass, however the process water is too dirty to use again so this nutrient is then wasted.  With the correct industrial water filter in place removing the contaminant this waste water can be used again. 

Return of investment (ROI)

 By making significant cost savings, on industrial waste water, our customers have experienced a rapid return of investment on our water filtration solutions, paying for themselves an a matter of months. For example, if a customer has to pay for their industrial waste-water to be removed from site and disposed of the figures could reasonably look like the following:-

Monthly Industrial Waste Water Disposal Cost – £8,333.00

Annual Industrial Waste Water Disposal Cost – £100,000.00

An Industrial Water filter has been installed on site in the form of a Self-Cleaning Screen filter removing the solids present down to 80 micron, following this a high efficiency media filter is in place to polish the water down to 0.45 micron.

Cost of Filtration Equipment (including running costs.) – £50,000.00

Return of Investment – 6 Months.

Consent Limitations

As we are all aware discharge consent limits are becoming more and more stringent. By exceeding limitation heavy charges can be placed. By reducing your volume of waste water with the use of industrial water filtration, more control is achieved over the amount of industrial waste water produced.  This goes hand in hand with waste-water reuse.  If the waste water can be cleaned and reused again in the same or even a different application on site then in effect your water usage will be halved!!

In some applications it is simply no feasible to reuse the water however, the discharge costs for the industrial waste-water is high.  This cost can be drastically reduced or removed completely with the correct Industrial water filter in use.

Environmental Advantages

With your industrial waste water volume reduced through filtration.  This has a positive environmental impact and from a company PR point of view and promotes a positive company reputation both in your industry and your facilities local area.

If you would like to discuss how water filtration can reduce your industrial waste water costs, please contact us.

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