Industrial water treatment – commercial water treatment

Cooling and Process Water Filtration

The practice of Cooling water to control temperature in industrial process is one of the main applications for water in industry.

Through experience Hydro-Gen have identified some or the more common issues which if untreated can lead to larger problems:-

One of the more common problems our customers have to deal with is particulate build-up in the system largely in the form of Rust and Scale.  This issue can originate from various locations such as pipework and a can be easily recognised as an orange/brown discolouration in flow gauges, sight glasses, hot wells and buffer tanks.  If untreated this particulate can build-up in the cooling channels of tooling moulds, heat exchangers and chillers and cooling towers.  This results in an increased level of maintenance required for equipment cleaning and clearing blockages, which or course means increased down-time and loss of production.

To put this into perspective if the cooling efficiency of a system reduces production by just 15% this would mean that for every 1000 units produced 150 units would not.  Taken over a monthly period this would result in a significant loss to a company.

Another common problem is the onset of biological growth within the system,  if untreated again this results  in a requirement for an increase cleaning routines and therefor increased down-time, when a factory is required to run 24/7 this is a less than ideal situation.  A more important risk when dealing with biological growth is of course the risk from Legionnaires.

When dealing with Legionnaires it is good practice to introduce a chemical dosing program introducing an appropriate biocide into the system to stop proliferation.  However, as bacteria are killed this in turn ends up as a source of nutrition for a “new batch” of bacteria so more chemical is required which can end up being a costly exercise.

A common solution to these issues is to routinely drain the whole cooling system flush it, then refill the system with fresh water.  As a large amount of systems also contain chemical such as biocides and antifreeze this often means these chemicals are in effect thrown away, and when talking about even a small sized system this is a lot of money “down the drain” and large amount water wasted.

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Industrial water filtration systems are the solution!

Through the experience obtained working in the industry and a wide range of different industrial water application Hydro-Gen have identified the perfect solution to all of these issues

With the correct industrial water filter system in place with the ability to filter to less than 1 micron, suspended solids including rust and biological matter will be removed.  Removing the suspended solids in a system will bring on a significant reduction in the down-time required for equipment cleaning and maintenance required on the system.

The correct Industrial water filtration system provided by Hydro-Gen also provides a higher level of protection to cooling towers, heat exchangers and chillers extending the functional life of this expensive equipment.  As a result a system’s cooling capacity is maintained and ultimately maintains production levels at the level they should be as well as reducing water and chemical losses.

An added benefit of high quality industrial water filtration is that biological materials are removed.  This assists in maintaining a greater control over the proliferation of legionnaires disease and chemical dosing routines on-site.



If you would like more information on the advantages of Filtration from a production and environmental point of view please contact Hydro-Gen