Industrial Water Filters UK

Industrial Water Filters UK

Hydro-Gen have a vast experience in a wide range of applications where industrial water filters benefit a whole host of Commercial or Industrial applications where water plays a large role. Careful consideration and expert advice from our industrial water filters experts is required when selecting the correct solution or combination of solutions of industrial water filter systems. To ensure the most effective water filtration product is selected please contact us on 0151 420 4630 or email:- and we would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you.


Advanced Media Filtration.

Hydro-Gen Engineering are an official distributor for one of the worlds leading media filter technologies which achieves substantial energy reductions and dramatically improved performance for operations using water. Suitable for countless industrial and commercial applications the patented AMF enables the filtration of water down to an impressive 0.45 micron as opposed to the standard 20 micron from other associated media systems.  Thanks to its patented technology the AMF (Advanced Media Filter) is one of the most efficient media filters on the market today.


Screen Filtration technology

Hydro-Gen are official UK distributors of STF Filtros industrial water filter systems. We supply a full range of state of the art self-cleaning screen filter technology.

This range of filtration system has a patented design which makes it the most efficient self-cleaning screen filtration system on the market. With its specially designed high quality screen manufactured from PVC or Stainless Steel depending on their application these filters guarantee a 100% filtration degree.

Thanks to the wide range of flow rates and filtration grades available this self-cleaning system is highly adaptable to an ever expanding range of industrial and commercial water applications.

Industrial water filtration system


Disc Filtration

Disc filtration is an extremely flexible and versatile self cleaning depth filtration technology. this system’s unique design means that this range of industrial water filters only requires the smallest of footprints when compared with other technologies available on the market, which makes it suitable for a wide variety of operations and applications.


Drum Filtration

Hydro-Gen are suppliers of the latest designs of Adriatik Gravity Drum Filtration. The use of Drum filtration is most advantageous when high flow rates are required where a high level of solids are present and require removal. Our Adriatik range of drum filters can filter from 10-3000 Micron with flow rates of up to 5400 m3/hr.

Drum technologies are ideal industrial water filters when dealing in particular with high solids loading and a wide range of filter degrees.

drum filters for industrial use


At Hydro-gen Engineering we offer a number of different water filtration products, you will find that with our range of products and expertise we can help you to find a water filter system which will meet your requirements.

When it comes to Industrial Water Filters within the UK we are able to deliver UK wide, we are based in the North West but can deliver one of our high quality systems to anywhere in the UK. We offer 3 different filtration products which will produce you with high quality results, you can choose the product which best suits your needs.

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