Industrial Water Filtration

Industrial Water Filtration

Our industrial water filtration systems are being used by some of the UK’s largest commercial and industrial players to smaller operations, including sectors in:-

Brewing and distilling
Commercial buildings and banks
Shopping malls, hotels and leisure
Food and beverage
Paper and textiles
Plastics and mouldings
Power generation
Steels and metals

At Hydro-Gen Engineering we specialise in industrial water filtration offering you a high quality system that is used across the UK by large commercial and industrial companies, along with smaller companies.

With over 30 years of family expertise in commercial and industrial water filtration, Hydro-Gen Engineering Services can offer bespoke solutions using cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly systems that reduce your energy costs and your green footprint. We work with clients in a wide variety of customers throughout the world across all business sectors who are dependent on heating and cooling systems, including commercial, industrial, manufacturing and municipal water systems.

We can help you to find an industrial water filtration system which will suit the needs of your company, whether you require water filtration for commercial or industrial use. No matter what industry your company works within we are able to provide you with an industrial water filtration system to serve your needs. All of our systems are of an excellent quality to provide you with a long lasting industrial water filtration solution.

Industrial Water Filtration Products

Hydro-Gen have a vast experience in a wide range of applications where industrial water filtration benefits the operation. Our filtration products are the leading products on the market, using cutting edge technology: –

Velocitek OVF Media Filtration

Leading media filter technology which achieves substantial energy reductions and dramatically improved performance for operations using water. Read more about Velocitek OVF Media Filtration.

Screen Filtration technology

Hydro-Gen are official UK distributors of STF Filtros industrial water filter systems. This is the most efficient self-cleaning filtration screen system on the market. You can read more here about Screen Filtration Technology.

Self-Cleaning Disc Filtration

Self-cleaning disc filtration is an extremely flexible and versatile depth filtration technology and is suitable for a wide variety of operations and applications.

Drum Filtration

Hydro-Gen are suppliers of the latest designs of Adriatik Gravity Drum Filtration which is most advantageous when high flow rates are required. Read more about Adriatik Gravity Drum Filtration

As technologies in industry develope we are finding more and more applications were industrial water filtration is playing a huge part on cutting operational costs, improving system quality and saving resources.

If you would like to discuss how water filtration can be invaluable to you operation please contact us.

Industrial water filtration from Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd

Hydro-Gen’s Industrial Water Filtration technologies

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