Industrial and Commercial Water Filtration Applications

Industrial and Commercial Water Filtration Applications

Effective Industrial Water Treatment is a huge benefit to a whole host of Industrial or Commercial water filtration applications resulting in a positive impact from both a financial and commercial point of view.  Improving the quality of your water through the use of industrial water filters can drastically reduce water and waste water costs by enabling water reuse, reducing effluent costs and improving the quality of the whole water system.  Listed below is a description of just some of the Applications where Industrial and Commercial Water Filtration has proved to be an invaluable investment:-

Effluent Water Treatment

Municipal & Industrial Waste Water

Process Water

Potable Water

Reverse Osmosis

Bore-hole Intake


Energy Reduction

Canal/River/Sea Water Filtration

Heating / Cooling Systems

We are continuously finding more and more applications where the correct Commercial Water Filtration/Treatment system is proving to be a fantastic asset to our customer’s operations.  Industrial/Commercial Water Filtration system’s performance are constantly improving as technologies improve, through experience we have found that although an existing commercial water filtration solution will already be in place and at the time of purchase they were the best on the market, by todays standard they can be of relatively low performance and low efficiency.  In some cases it has proven to be a more cost effective solution to completely remove this equipment and install the latest commercial water treatment technology.  However, we also have the ability to simply upgrade your existing equipment bringing it up to modern day performance standards, for example by upgrading the filter media in your media filtration system can have the benefits of improving the water filtration degree and also improve the efficiency of your media filter reducing water losses.

At Hydro-Gen we look at the whole picture when dealing with each industrial/commercial water filtration application, finding the most effective method of solving your water quality issues whether this is dealing with the problem at source (through filtration or aeration) or putting systems in place to improve your operation and reduce your water costs.

Hydro-Gen Ltd are dedicated to providing the most effective commercial water filtration solution to our customers for their industrial water filtration application needs.  We have specifically selected out product range to satisfy our customer’s needs.  Whether you require course water filtration at high flow rates or high quality filtration is required at low flow rates Hydro-Gen have the correct solution for you.

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FMA 9000 Industrial and Commercial water filtration system

FMA 9000 series Self-cleaning screen filtration system


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