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Water Filtration Systems from Hydro-Gen Engineering

Hydro-Gen Engineering Services can offer bespoke solutions using cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly systems that reduce your energy costs and the environmental impact of your operation. We work with clients with a wide variety of applications throughout the UK and the world across all business sectors who are dependent on heating and cooling systems, including commercial, industrial, manufacturing and municipal water systems.

At Hydro-Gen Engineering we pride ourselves on supplying a wide product range of water filtration systems.  This allows us to be able to provide our customers with a correct solution for water filtration and not only what is available.  Thanks to our engineering background we are able to experienced advise and work with our clients throughout the whole project.

Our water filtration systems are being used by some of the UK’s largest commercial and industrial players to smaller operations, including sectors in automotive, brewing and distilling, chemical, commercial buildings and banks, shopping malls, hotels and leisure, food and beverage, paper and textiles, pharmaceuticals, plastics and mouldings, power generation and steels and metals.

At Hydro-Gen we offer we offer the most comprehensive range of self-cleaning technology including:-

  • Velocitek OVF (Optimum Velocity) Water Filtration – An innovative industrial water filtration system filtering down to less than 0.45 micron.
  • Self Cleaning Screen Water Filtration – continuous filtration – the best self-cleaning water filter on the market!
  • Drum Filtration systems – ideal for when high solids-loading is required for water filtration.
  • Cartridge and Bag filtration – Fine water filtration degrees achievable at various flow rates.
  • Specialist Solutions:- As a specialist supplier of Water Filtration system we can over a combination of various water treatment technologies in conjunction with our own.

To ensure the correct water filtration solutions are applied we can offer a free consultation to our customers.

Some of our services in relation to the leading water filtration products that Hydro-Gen Engineering supply, include:-

  • Full After Sale and Service Packages for Water Filtration customers.
  • Free on-site meeting to evaluate and report on your system, potential process improvement and opportunities for energy saving with our filtration systems

We can supply water filtration systems for many applications including:-

  • Process water reuse, which can dramatically reduce costs and environmental impact.
  • Heat exchanger/chiller protection.
  • Enhance HSE control of cooling towers.
  • Filtration of alternative water supplies including, borehole water, river water and private reservoirs.
  • Provide significant reductions of effluent and water costs.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) protection
  • and much more

Contact Hydro-Gen Engineering Water Filtration Specialists today to discuss your water treatment requirements on 0151 420 4630 or contact us through our online form.

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