Water Filtration and the Environment

Water Filtration = Reduced Environmental Impact

These days we are becoming more and more aware of our environmental impact and carbon footprint, and in some cases the Government may even penalise companies who are not doing all they can to minimise the environmental impact of their activities.

The Environment Agency instill certain limitations for industrial waste water users in regards to where and how water may be discharged – whether accidentally or purposefully, the discharge of waste water in to a river can lead to costly fines and very bad PR for your company.

Hydro-Gen Engineering have a number of innovative water filtration solutions that can monitor your activity to ensure any limits imposed on your company are not breached in any way. This of course has financial benefits for your company, but also reduces the environmental impact of your activity making your carbon footprint smaller, and supporting your company’s green policy.

Through experience we have found that with the simple addition of industrial water filtration means that the amount of water on site can be reduced and put to use again. This will reduce the environmental impact and have several additional added benefits including:-

  • Re-usable filtered water
  • Reduced water costs
  • More control with regards to consent limitation charges
  • Positive PR for your organisation
  • Smaller impact on the environment

Hydro-Gen Engineering supply a range of innovative water filtration products that will reduce environmental impact for your company including:-

Velocitek OVF
Used when the contamination is confined to fine particulates such as from a manufacturing process. Read more about Velocitek OVF Water Filtration.

Gravity Drum Filter
Ideal for the removal of bulk solids at more remote locations. Read more about Drum Filters

Self-cleaning Disc filters
This is ideal for heavy solids loading where security of removal is of paramount importance. Read more about Disc Industrial Water Filtration.

If you would like to discuss how Hydro-Gen can reduce the environmental impact of your industrial activities, call 0151 420 4630 today.

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