Drum Filters UK

Drum Filters UK

Hydro-Gen are suppliers of the latest designs of Adriyatik Gravity Drum Filters or ‘Drum Filters‘. The use of Gravity Drum filtration is most advantageous when high flow rates are required. This industrial self-cleaning drum filter can filter from 10-3000 Micron with flow rates of up to 5400 m3/h. ┬áThese rotary drum filters require no system pressure to operate and work under gravity.

The benefits of using drum filtration include a rotating drum which gives a continuous refreshed filter area for processing, where any waste is then discharged by means of an external spray bar, which requires less maintenance and monitoring from you, and therefore less associated costs.  The technology the Drum Filter adopts allows for high levels of solid loading to be handled where other technologies would be quickly blinded and require excessive cleaning.

Gravity Drum Filters technology can be tailored to provide filtration for various types of contamination and inlet conditions in many commercial and industry sectors.

The Gravity Drum Filtration is ideal for fine filtration and course filtration and works as the water flows into a rotating drum, where the rotating filter collects any debris or contaminants. The filter screen is then cleaned by efficiently using process water through spray nozzles in to a collection tray to ensure the most efficient drum water filtration operation.

As Hydro-Gen’s Drum filtration systems are made bespoke we can accommodate design changes to suit our customers requirements

Drum Filter Application

Rotary Drum Filter Installation


  • Easy installation
  • Automatic operation
  • No pressure required – gravity does the work for you
  • Unlimited flow capacity
  • Only uses a small footprint
  • Low energy
  • Limited maintenance
  • Low operational costs


  • Manufactured from SS304, SS316 or polypropylene for sea water environments.
  • Filtration grades of 10-3000 Micron
  • Continuous filtration
  • No additional pressure required for filtration
  • Reduced water loss
  • High durability

Examples of Application for Hydro-Gen’s Drum Filtration Systems

  • Primary stage of the Filtration process
  • Filtration of River water
  • Filtration for Fisheries
  • Agricultural Irrigation
  • Food and Beverage manufacture
  • Waste water and Effluent filtration
  • Prefiltration of process water

Please see examples below of industrial applications of Hydro-Gen’s drum filtration technology.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how you could benefit from Drum filtration and in particular whether drum filtration would be the correct water treatment solution for your company.

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