Why is Diesel Generator Service so important?

Hydro-Gen Diesel Generator Service

Diesel Generator Service and Upgrade

Keeping your Diesel Generator in a well maintained condition with  Hydro-Gen’s Diesel Generator Service package provides a number of advantages to your system whether your Generator is used purely as a standby supply or as a prime power source:-

  • Regular Diesel Generator Service ensures that your Generator maintains reliability and helps to maintain the overall performance of both the engine and the alternator.
  • As part of correct Diesel Generator Service the control equipment can be upgraded.  Upgrading a Generator set’s control system provides a number of benefits; as well as maintaining control system reliability (as a common reason for generator failure is component failure within the control system) keeping up to date with the latest technology provides a wider scope for your system such as being able to load share, peak lopping or automatic synchronization.  Upgrading control systems keep your generator set up to date as in many instances a standby set could have a relatively small run time even after being installed for a long period of time.
  • When a Diesel Generator Service routine is not adhered to small engine or alternator faults can go addressed, in time these can lead to larger more detrimental faults such as not starting when it is needed most, which can be detrimental to any operation and very costly.
  • As part of Diesel Generator Service it is also good practice depending on the function of your generator to carry out regular load bank testing, this confirms that your generator will perform when required as running your system purely off-load can be damaging to your set.
  • For more information on how Hydro-Gen’s Diesel Generator Service can assist your operation please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help.



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