Water Treatment in the form of Magnetic Separation

Magnetic SeperatorWater is used in a wide range of Industrial and Commercial applications for any number of reasons.  The use of water for heating and cooling purposes is extremely common in both Industrial and Commercial operations.  Industrial water treatment plays a large role in ensuring that water systems are properly maintained and operate correctly.  A common problem experienced by water users is the build-up of ferrous materials within the system pipework (largely in the form of rust.)

An increase in suspended particulate of a ferrous nature can be detrimental to the effectiveness of a heating or cooling water system, a build-up of particulate in chillers, boilers and heat exchangers can drastically reduce the system’s heating/cooling capacity which in turn has a knock-on overall effect on production.  Without the correct water treatment system in place a heavily fouled water system requires an increase in maintenance for cleaning and also an increase in down-time while remedial work is being carried out.

The use of magnetic separation is an effective method tools in the water treatment process were iron particulate removal is required. One of Hydro-Gen’s magnetic separation units installed at the intake to a chiller or production machine will provide a high level of protection.  Our specially designed magnetic separators cause a temporary drop in velocity in water flow rate whilst water travels through the separation chamber, while the water travels through this chamber the water flows over a series of super high strength magnetic cores drawing the ferrous particles out of the water.  As a user friendly water treatment tool these are also supplied with a by-pass system in place so that no flow to the system is lost during magnet cleaning.

Our magnetic separators used in conjunction with our highly efficient self-cleaning filtration technology connected in side stream removing suspended particulate.  These technologies combined provide a complete water treatment package.

For more information on how magnetic separation can be used in the water treatment process please contact us.

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