Water Filtration and Movement join forces

water movement used with water filtration

Filtration pump in use for water movement in a large aquarium tank

One of our recent projects involved the supply and installation of two high flow underwater pumps (40m3/hr.) These were fitted in a large tank of a public aquarium. This was to provide water movement as a method of giving the fish an aspect of being in a larger environment, as well as the we were also aiming to reduce settlement of floating particles in the tank. After the installation was complete the system was tested and minor adjustments were made to the water flow direction.

As a result of this we were informed that the now 5 foot fish could potentially grow to a whopping 12 foot.

The correct water movement along with the correct water filtration solution will mean that a the habitants of an aquatic environment will thrive.

As well as aquariums we also provide filtration solutions for fisheries and zoos

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