Water Filter Tanks

Water Filter Tanks

As part of providing the correct filtration solution for our customers and not simply and “off the peg” solution Hydro-Gen can provide our customers with bespoke solutions, for this particular solution Hydro-Gen designed and manufactured special water filter tanks.  The water filter tanks were used in a brewery facility were solids were required for removal from effluent water in order to meet local consent levels.

For this solution two water filter tanks were provided to act is primary and secondary filtration.  Each water filter tanks was manufactured from SS304 Stainless Steel.  Upon manufacture of the water filter tanks many factors were taken into consideration.

1.  Installation location and space available – each of the water filter tank was designed to fit underneath or next to the main system making installation as easy as possible.

2.  Filtration Grades – After testing of the effluent water to be treated it was determined that water filter tank 1 was to filter to 1000 micron and water filter tanks was to filter to 100 micron.  This provided removal of large solids and final polishing without either of the water filter tanks becoming overwhelmed.

3.  Material of manufacture – Due to the nature of the application and location we provided this solution  manufactured from SS304 Stainless Steel.

4.  Volume of each batch –  As each batch produced 600 litres of effluent the water filter tanks were manufactured to accommodate full volume without overloading.

Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd provide bespoke water filter solutions to meet our customers requirements

These tanks manufactured and supplied by Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd have been specially designs to meet the requirements of one of our customers applications.


Both water filter tanks were supplied with fittings to suit each piece of equipment they were intended to be connected to.  Water filter tank 1 was fitted with a 1000 micron stainless steel screen,  the screen was designed to be removable to allow for cleaning of the tank.

Water filter tank 2 was fitted with a specially designed bag insert providing filtration of 100 micron to provide final solids removal.









This water filter tank has been specially designed and manufactured to meet our customers requirments

Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd specially design and manufacture water filter tanks to suit our customers specific filter needs

Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd can design and manufacture special water filtration tanks to suit our customer individual requirements

This water filtration tank designed and manufactured by Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd was designed specifically for one of our customers for providing filtration to 1000 micron for high solids loading

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