UV steralisation and Filtration – a winning water treatment combination.

An ideal water treatment solution.

Ultraviolet (UV) steralisation is commonly used both in industry and commercially alongside water filtration to provide an effective method of controlling harmful Pathogens and Viruses which can present in water.

UV water treatment – how it works!

By using the correct wavelength of UV radiation on a micro-organism the DNA of the organism is altered.  This alteration has an inhibiting effect of the normal function for the organism and effects it reproductive ability.  UV is also effective in the treatment of Cryptosporium and Giardia.  This altered state is effective within a certain scope.

Filtration and UV join forces.

UV is most effective when used on water of which is of high clarity such as water which has undergone reverse-osmosis.  However, when there are large particulate present in the water.  Micro-organisms become attached to them or are shadowed by them as they pass through the UV screening unit and are missed.  With the correct industrial/Commercial water filtration system in place these large particulate are removed from the water and the UV is allowed to operate more effectively.

UV is a relatively low cost method of water treatment compared with other methods such as chemical dosing alone, as once installed maintenance is fairly low as self-cleaning models are now available on the market.

The whole water treatment package.

UV and Filtration are used effectively in a whole host of applications including Borehole and Well water treatment, surface water treatment and water treatment for pools and aquariums.  When water is in direct contact with humans such as pools etc it is also advisable to have a level of chemical control present such as chlorine. As a water treatment system, each technology compliments each other to provide safe water:-

1.  UV steralisation in place sterilizes micro-organisms and inhibits multiplication.

2.  Industrial/Commercial water filtration removes larger particulate allowing full effectiveness of UV steralisation.

3.  Biocides used for killing micro-organisms

4. Industrial/Commercial water filtration removing dead organisms preventing them becoming a source of nutrition.

For more information on the advantages of UV steralisation and Industrial/Commercial water filtration please feel free to contact us.


Self-cleaning water treatment system with water filtration and UV steralisation.

FMA 7000 Self-Cleaning filtration system with integral self-cleaning UV steralisation system

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