Self-Cleaning Screen Filtration – Which one to choose?

Self Cleaning and non Self Cleaning Screen filtration is a highly efficient and cost effective method of removing unwanted suspended particulate from water.

When considering the correct screen filtration system for your application there are various elements to be considered and taken into account.  Here are just a few:-

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • Manual or Automatic Screen Filtration?
  • What do I want to remove?
  • What are my system requirements?

1.  What do I want to achieve?

When considering screen filtration as a solution, there needs to be a clear objective of the water quality that is required as a result of filtration.

for example:-  The problem could be that you have a problem with cooling channels fouling quickly in a moulding machine with a build-up of fine particulate.  This would require a fine screen filtration degree to be effective.

or:- The system needs to be protected from the intake of leaf litter and debris at the intake of a river water source.  This would require much larger screen filtration.

2.  Manual or Automatic.

When choosing the correct screen filtration, consideration needs to be taken with regards to it cleaning requirements.

for example:- If the screen filtration system is purely to be used as a final guard and is only required in extreme circumstances then a manual operation cleaning screen filter would be suitable.  however, if the screen filtration is required to deliver a constant flow to a system then it would be more suitable for an automatic self-cleaning screen filtration system.

3.  What am I filtering?

To enable the screen filtration system to operate to it most efficient consideration will need to be made to the potential solid loading in suspension which requires filtration, if the screen is too small in physical size (surface area) then although filtration is achieved, self-cleaning will be overly frequent.

4.  Any other factors?

Screen filtration systems can be manufactured from materials designed for suitability to the system, attention needs to be paid to any chemicals present in the water, system temperatures and pressures as these will have a impact on the material a screen filtration system is manufactured from.

If you need any assistance making these decisions or would like to discuss this topic in more detail, we are on hand to help.  Please feel free to contact us.

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FMA 9000 series Self-cleaning screen filtration system

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