Self Cleaning screen filters for cooling water filtration

Self cleaning screen filters for cooling water filtration


Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd have recently supplied and commissioned an FMA-1006-E self cleaning screen filtration system to one of our customers’s manufacturing facilities based in Buckinghamshire.  This self cleaning screen filter is utilised in the role of removal of suspended solids particulate entering their cooling water via their production process and entering their cooling tower from the atmosphere.  Filtration of cooling water is highly important in providing protection to the whole system including cooling towers, chillers, heat exchangers and tooling.

This self-cleaning screen filter is currently providing effective filtration to a degree of 50 micron.  Due to the relatively high temperature of the cooling water system Hydro-Gen supplied this unit adapted to handle high temperatures and modified the inlet and outlet connections of this screen filter to 3″ threaded connections to ease installation.

The FMA series self cleaning screen filter systems incorporate patented technology developed by STF to make this filter the most efficient on the market by keeping backwash water losses to a minimum.  Thanks to it screen design this filter provides guaranteed filtration degrees between 10-2000 micron at a wide range of water flow rates suited to our customer requirements.


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Self Cleaning screen filter system supplied by Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd


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