Sea-Water Filtration

Sea-Water Filtration Project well on its way!

As we all know, water has an ever expanding range of functions both in industrial water uses and Commercial applications.  Hydro-Gen have been working with one of its clients in putting together a prototype unit to enable sea-water filtration to be utilised for industrial cleaning.

One of the main obstacles encountered when using water in this way in large amounts is that the sea-water then needs to be disposed of correctly.  This is where sea-water filtration plays its part.  Hydro-Gen assisted in developing a system for removing the suspended solids to a correct level so the water can be safely returned to the sea.  The required water quality levels had been determined by several international marinas were our client carries out their operations and must be adhered to.

The correct water technology:-

As filtration system unit footprint size was an issue we opted to use a Spin Clean self-cleaning industrial water filtration system.  This unit water specially adapted for Sea water filtration use. This depth filter was rated at 20 micron.  As part of the specification we recommended that the use of a compressed air back-wash system was required.  This further increased the system efficiency.  Filtering to this degree ensured that the suspended particulate was removed to a pre-determined level meeting the systems requirements.

Taking the system as a whole we have also specified the small amount of sea-water used for back-wash of the Spinclean industrial water filtration system be passed through one of our back-wash recovery systems.  This results in all of the water being recovered and purely solids to be disposed of.

This prototype has now undergoing field tests and following this, production of a full scale system to be deployed around the world.

Disc filtration

Spin Clean disc filtration system, adapted for sea-water filtration


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