Remote Monitoring of Diesel Generators

Remote Monitoring of Diesel Generators

As part of our high quality service package we can offer our customers a remote monitoring service.  We are able to supply our diesel generators with a remote monitoring device or retrofit an existing diesel generator with a device.

Remote monitoring of diesel generators enables your diesel generator system to be monitored constantly.  In the event of diesel generator startup or fault conditions any issues are brought to our attention and we are able to resolve them quicker.

Remote monitoring of your diesel generator system also allows ongoing requirements such as fuel levels to be monitored.  In the event of the diesel fuel levels getting to a pre-determined level we are automatically notified and fuel replenishment can then be arranged further preventing the risk of diesel generator failure when you need it most.

If your diesel generator system is situated in a remote location or you do not have maintenance personnel in place to routinely run the generator we also have the facility for starting and running your generator set remotely to ensure its correct operation.

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