Protect your industrial water filter system from Damage!!

Protecting your industrial water filter system from Damage

Getting ready for the Christmas break?  Many of our customers in the manufacturing industry are preparing for a factory shutdown.  Before we all go to the pub to celebrate Christmas take two seconds to protect your industrial water filter system from  frost/ weather damage.  After all wouldn’t it be a shame to come back to work after the break to find your self-cleaning water filter has suffered major damage.

Here’s how!

If water flow through your water filtration system is to cease we recommend the following steps are to be taken.

1.  Initiate a self-clean of the filter, this applied to all types of filter system (media filtration, screen filtration, disc filtration.)

2.  Isolate the filtration system from the mains supply.

3.  If compressed air is used as part of the filtration system controls, isolate the supply and vent the pressure off.

4.  Drain the filter system of residual water and leave the drain/vent valves in the open position.

Note:-  If you are controlling the flow through the filtration system by means of the gate valves, be sure to make a note of the valve positions before closing off.

Trace Heating

If you are keeping your filter system on-line, it is always good practice to provide a level of trace-heating and insulation to the filter body, valves and associated pipe work.  It is also a good idea to be mindful of the material of manufacture of the whole system to ensure trouble-free service from your filter unit.

If you require any assistance for guidance on the upkeep and maintenance of your or filtration system please contact us. 

This Advanced Media Filtration system is situated outside on a constant flow system of warm water.


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