Industrial water filtration – Hydro-Gen’s new website



New Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd Website – Specialists in industrial water filtration.

We at Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd – specialists in industrial water filtration are pleased to introduce our brand new “new look” website.  We hope that the new design layout of our site helps our customers to discover the specially selected range of industrial water filtration solutions we have to offer.  We hope that you find our new site both informative and beneficial to meet your water filtration requirements.  If you need further assistance or guidance please contact us and we would be delighted to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Our Water Filtration products include:-

Velocitek OVF (optimised velocity filter) high efficiency media filtration polishing filter

The cutting edge Velocitek OVF is a new product released onto the market, this high efficiency polishing filter can supply very high quality water at a wide range of process flow rates, whilst keeping backwash water produced to an absolute minimum, thanks to the Velocitek’s design system footprint for filtration flow is a small percentage of conventional media filter systems.

Self-Cleaning Screen Filtration

These high quality filtration system provide a wide range of filtration degrees to suit our client requirements at absolute ratings.  Our range covers a wide range of flow rates and their patented design makes them one of the most efficient on the market.

Rotary Drum Filtration

Our range of Rotary drum filters are manufactured from Stainless Steel or Polypropylene to meet our customer’s requirements, they cover a wide range of flow rate and filtration grades with no pressure requirement makes them very versatile for a wide range of industrial water applications.

Automatic/manual Disc Filtration

Bag and Cartridge Filtration

We also manufacture our own range of cartridge and bag filter housings which can be made bespoke to accommodate our customers requirements.

Paper Bed Filtration

power generation

water filtration in use on cooling towers at a power station