Mini Self-Cleaning Media Filters

Mini Self-Cleaning media filter for Cooling Water Systems

As the picture below shows, one of our latest installations is the integration of our high efficiency self-cleaning media filter systems- the CrossFlow AMF.

The system requiring filtration consists of an external chiller feeding chilled water to numerous injection moulding machines.  Once this water has cooled the moulding tools the water is returned via a header tank back to the chiller for re-cooling.  This is a closed continuous loop system.  Upon inspection it was found that a large amount of rust build-up was present in the water originating from the tools.  Hydro-Gen carried out a site survey and verified that the most effective method of cleaning the system is to install one of our high efficiency self-cleaning media filters.  Thanks to the media filters performance levels the filter system can be installed in a “side-stream” configuration.  Connecting the self-cleaning media filter in this way to the cooling water system means that a smaller unit is required and therefor a lower capital cost is required.  Installing the filter in side-stream also means that any water filtration operations (self-cleaning-backwash) is carried out independently to t he main system with no interruption to the main cooling water system function with now effect to system pressures or flow rates.

Additional advantages to using our self-cleaning filters include:-

1.  Lower water consumption:-  With patented technology this high efficiency self-cleaning media filter water consumption is as low as 10 Liters every 24 hours.

2.  Lower Chemical costs:-  Our self-cleaning media filter systems achieve filtration performance down to 0.45 micron.  As this is filtration on a biological level, this improves the effectiveness of chemical dosing routines and reduces the amounts of chemical required to achieve the desired result.

3.  Reduced Cleaning required:- As the cooling water system is cleaner there is a reduced requirement for production shut downs for cleaning regimes saving time and money.

The benefits experienced by our customers who have had self-cleaning media filtration installed include:-

  • Maintaining high levels of quality through a reliable quality of water. 
  • Reduction in maintenance downtime and costs on equipment and associated pipework. 
  • Increased legionella control leading to a reduction in chemical dosing costs (falling in-line with the amended L8 guidelines for control of legionnaires disease.) 
  • Protection supplied to cooling towers and heat exchangers. 
  • Control of effluent costs and water losses 
  • Capabilities for Water re-use.

If you would like to discuss how we can improve your process water systems please contact us

Media Filtration system supplied and installed by Hydro-Gen maintaining the cooling water system in a manufacturing facility.

Advanced media filter system supplied by Hydro-Gen removing rust particulate and various suspended solids.


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