Latest Self Cleaning Screen Filter project!

Our latest Self Cleaning Screen Filter project

One of our recent projects has been the supply of a self cleaning screen filter for providing pre-filtration of water to a ultra-filtration system (UF.)  The Self Cleaning screen filter was required to remove the increased level of solids before the water is to be filtered by the UF.  Without a level of pre-filtration in place UF and RO membranes can be quickly blinded and increased maintenance of the system is required.  Additionally to this the UF/RO membrane’s life expectancy is dramatically reduced leading to expensive repair.

As this particular self cleaning screen filter was to be installed outside were low temperatures can be expected, the filter was modified with a electrically actuated drain valves to prevent freezing.  As an extra measure to increase user access to this system this unit was also supplied on a skid with an access frame built around the system.

Our self cleaning screen filters, manufactured by STF provide our customers with the following benefits:-

  • Continuous filtration even during self cleaning operations.
  • Guaranteed filtration degrees from 10-2500 micron.
  • Patented technology reducing back-wash water consumption and increasing efficiency.
  • High temperature options of self-cleaning screen systems.
  • Product range tailored to accommodate a wide range of  flow rates.

If you would like more information in this project or how self cleaning screen filters can be a benefit to your operation please contact us

Self-Cleaning Industrial Water Filtration System Model FMA9010

FMA9010 Self-Cleaning Screen Filter “Skid Mounted”

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