Kinetic Separators

Kinetic Separator (also known as:- Hydro Cyclone Separators)

Hydro-Gen are suppliers of Kinetic Separators to cover a wide range of flow rates, our range of kinetic separators are available in various materials including Stainless Steel 304,316 and Carbon Steel to satisfy all applications.

Kinetic Separators are ideally suited for a wide range of industrial applications when there is a requirement for the removal of a high level of particulate of a relatively high sg (specific gravity) -heavy particulate such as soil or rust from a wide range of water systems.

As Kinetic Separators have no internally moving parts the maintenance requirements for these systems are minimal keeping maintenance costs to an absolute minimum,  Hydro-Gen supply these units with connections to suit our customers requirement making them easy to to install.  Hydro-Gen can provide automatically purging systems which can be configured to suit your process or simply manually purging systems.

The separator system pictured below is manufactured from Stainless Steel 304 and is sized to suit a flow rate of 10m3/hr.  This Kinetic Separator is supplied with its own control panel to control the an electrically actuated purge valve to provide self-cleaning.

For more information on Kinetic Separators or to discuss your requirements please contact us 

Hydro Cyclone Separator supplied by Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd

Kinetic Separator supplied by Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd



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