Iron and Manganese Removal by Water Filtration

Iron and Manganese removal by Water Filtration.

Dissolved Iron and Manganese are commonly found in groundwater such as borehole water and wells.  Higher than acceptable levels of iron and manganese in water although not necessarily harmful can have a strong taste and heavily discolour pipework and cause staining.  Additionally heightened levels of iron in water also have a positive effect on bacterial growth; this causes a brown “sludgy” substance to occur in pipework and requires additional treatment.

Methods of Iron and Manganese by water filtration.

Iron and Manganese removal by Chlorine Oxidation and filtration:-

Chlorine can be introduced in to water in small amounts prior to water filtration.  Chlorine causes the dissolved iron to transfer from its ferrous state to its ferric state (from a dissolved form to a solid form or rust.) With the introduction of chlorine manganese also oxidises in to Manganese dioxide (the main ore of manganese) which is a black/brown solid.

With Iron and Manganese now in a solid form these can be put through a suitable water filtration system and removed from the water.

Iron & Manganese (soluble form) → Chlorination→ Prescipitated into Insoluble Iron “Rust” and Manganese Dioxide → Filtration → Removed from Water


Iron and Manganese removal by Aeration and filtration:

By oxygenating the water, dissolved iron and manganese can be oxidised and again precipitated into their solids forms.  As there is no chemical requirement to do this can be a relatively lower cost method.  However, increasing the oxygen levels within the water has to be closely controlled as an insufficient amount of oxygen in the water will be ineffective.  An additional draw-back of this method that slime can form at the aeration stage which can be resolved with an introduction of Chlorine.  Once the system is set up correctly the oxygenated Iron and manganese will again be precipitated into their solid forms and with the correct water filtration solution in place this can be filtered out of the water and removed from the system.

Iron & Manganese (soluble form) → Aeration→ Oxygenated into Insoluble Iron “Rust” and Manganese Dioxide → Filtration → Removed from Water


The Correct Filtration Solution for iron and manganese removal:-

There is a wide range of filtration technologies available on the market, when selecting an appropriate filtration technology attention must be paid to the filtration degree which can be achieved and filtration area required, as an incorrectly sized filter will simply pass solids through to the system, extending the problem.  For more information on the correct filtration solution for Iron and Manganese removal please contact us.

The CrossFlow AMF filtering to 0.45 Micron is ideal for Iron and Manganese removal from water

This CrossFlow Advanced Media Filter is the ideal solution when Iron and Manganese removal is required


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