Commercial Water filtration in the Extrusion industry

How Commercial Water Filtration assists the extrusion process


Cooling water plays a large part in the plastic moulding and extrusion process.  However when poor quality is either directly in contact (in extrusion) with the product or part of a closed line cooling water system (injection moulding.)  A common problem is the build-up of particulate.

Suspended particulate in the cooling water system can present the following issues:-

  • Chiller Damage – Particulate build-up within a chiller unit can cause loss of cooling efficiency, expensive maintenance and downtime or even chiller unit replacement.

Solution = With the correct commercial water filtration system in place chillers provided with a level of protection against build-up, extending system life, maintaining efficiency and reducing maintenance expenditure and down time.

  • Damage to Pumps/Valves etc:- Heavily solids within the system can cause damage to pump bearings and valve function.  Repairs and replacement can be both costly and time consuming.

Solution = The Quality of water is improved the industrial/commercial water filtration extending life to pumps and pipework equipment, reducing down time and repair costs.

  • Product quality issues:-  As cooling efficiency is reduced or if the product is in direct with the water deformation and marking can take place rendering the plastic product to waste.

Solution = Thanks to filtering the water again with commercial water filtration the cooling water system efficiency is maintained and marking of product is removed ensuring product quality is kept to a high.

  • Increased maintenance downtime:- Time taken to rectify issues and replace parts and even routine system flushing and cleaning is effectively time wasted from production.  As result of this is production losses.

Solution = With the system filtered to a high quality maintenance downtime is reduced allowing more time for production to take place.

  • Biological issues:-  With an increase of particulate comes an increase in biological proliferation, this then leads to a health risk, this would need to be deal with with increased use of chemical biocides, which are costly.

Solution = Filtration down to biological levels will remove biological material which will reduce excessive chemical usage provide a higher level of control. 

  • Environmental issues:-  As more frequent system flushes are required, there is an increase in water loss, this also is costly as replacement water and chemical is required.

Solution = Commercial water filtration will remove the requirement for regular system flushing, reducing water and chemical losses.

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Crossflow AMF high efficiency media filter, Commercial Water filtration system

Crossflow Advanced Media Filtration system in use in the plastics industry for extrusion cooling water.


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