Industrial water filters for zebra mussel removal

Using Industrial Water filters for Zebra Mussel Removal

Many Industrial and Commercial water application use sea-water or “brackish” water as a readily available source for their operations.  Doing this makes sound economic sense as in many processes thousands of tonnes of water can be used per day.

However, using water from such sources does need some consideration.  One of these considerations is the intake of wildlife into the system.  One species of wildlife in particular is the Zebra mussel.

Zebra mussel live in salt and brackish and fresh water systems, they latch onto hard surfaces and grow rapidly, in fact an Adult female has the ability to produce an amazing 30,000 to 100,000 eggs per year.

The problem with this from a water user point of view is that zebra mussel also grow on internal surfaces of pipework, cause intakes to clog, and grow within the system on heat exchanger, condensers an similar equipment.  This results in expensive downtime for system cleaning.  As the removal of zebra mussels requires quite aggressive treatment this can also cause further damage = further downtime = Loss of Production.

The definitive solution to this problem is to ensure that the zebra mussel does not again entry to into the system in the first instance.  This can only be done with the utilisation of the correct industrial water filter system.

What is the correct industrial water filter system?  Well, firstly the industrial water filter system will need to be design to be able to provide the desired level flow through it, whilst taking into account any losses while the industrial water filter is in self-cleaning (back-wash) operation.  Next, the filtration degree needs to be correct, as it is also important that not only developed zebra mussels are removed but also the zebra mussel spores.  Studies have shown the egg can be as small in size as 40 micron.

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self-cleaning screen filters used in industry for zebra mussel removal

installation using self-cleaning screen filtration for zebra mussel filtration

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