Industrial water filters for Sea water applications

Industrial water filters for Sea water applications.

In a wide range of Industrial Applications water is used in large quantities for many different processes, a common method of obtaining water is from alternative sources and then removing particulate using industrial water filters.

A common alternative source is water obtained from the Sea.  Sea water can contain a large amount of suspended solids which for effective removal requires a suitable industrial water filter.  The varied range of suspended solids present which are removed with industrial water filtration include:-

  • Mollusc/Barnacles (spores)
  • Algae
  • Mussels
  • Sand/Silt

Mollusc/Barnacles (spores):- can grow surprisingly rapidly were water is slightly warmer or in calmer conditions such as mariners.  Without removal with an industrial water filter these can grow quickly within pipework and cause damage to equipment and effect operations.

Algae:- can become problematic especially in algae bloom seasons, the rapid growth of algae is a common problem when a Reverse Osmosis system (RO) is in place being used for dissolved mineral removal.  The correct industrial water filter in place will remove algae and remove the risk of RO membrane damage which can be very expensive.

Mussel:-  Industrial water filters are commonly used as a barrier for the proliferation of mussels with-in pipework.  A common issue is not the mussel but the spores, as the spores can be very small in size (approx. 25 micron) and require specific industrial water filter technology to remove.

Sand/Silt:-  As estuaries and open seas are tidal this causes a variable concentration of sand/silt movement.  An additional factor can also be the movements of water craft churning up sediment on the sea/ river bed.  This is the easily drawn into water intakes and causes issues to flow rates and expensive maintenance for removal.  Using a self-cleaning industrial water filter is an effective method in avoiding and dealing with this issue.

There is a wide-range of industrial water filter technologies available on the market depending on the application which can be converted for sea water use.  Self-cleaning technologies can be advantageous for this due to the small amount of maintenance required compared to their manually cleaned counterparts.

Spin Klin Disc Filtration System supplied by Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd

Spin Clean or Spin Klin Self-Cleaning Industrial water filter adapted for Sea Water use.

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