How Industrial Water Filter Systems reduce production time

How Industrial water filter systems reduce production time.

This blog explains how industrial water filter systems like those provided by Hydro-Gen Engineering can reduce production time in industry. In a large number of manufacturing applications water is used as a method of cooling for machinery and tooling.

When a cooling water system is operating correctly a factory’s specified production time is maintained.  However, Commercial and Industrial cooling water systems can often fall subject to a number of issues

  • Rust/Solids particulate build-up in pipework and tooling/heat exchangers and chillers.
  • Biological Growth
  • An increased risk of Legionnaires
  • A loss of control of chemical dosing routines

As a result of these issues the efficiency of a cooling water system is reduced which leads to an increase in the time required for tooling/machinery to cool and thus slowing down production.

To put this into perspective if the cooling efficiency of a system reduces production by just 15% this would mean that for every 1000 units produced 150 units would not.  Taken over a monthly period this would result in a significant loss to a company.

Industrial water filter systems are the solution!

With one of our industrial water filter systems in place, suspended solids including rust and biological matter will be removed.  Removing the suspended solids in a system will bring on a significant reduction in the down-time required for equipment cleaning and maintenance required on the system.  Industrial water filter systems also provide a higher level of protection to cooling towers, heat ex-changers and chillers extending the functional life of this expensive equipment.  As a result a system’s cooling capacity is maintained and ultimately maintains production levels at the level they should be.

An added benefit of high quality industrial water filter systems is that biological materials will also be removed.  This will assist in maintaining a greater control over the proliferation of legionnaires and chemical dosing routines on-site.

If you have any questions of how industrial water filtration can help your operation please contact Hydro-Gen and we would be happy to assist you.


This is one of our high quality industrial water filter systems removing particulate on one of our customers Cooling Water Systems. Take a look at our website for a closer look at some of Hydro-Gen Engineering’s Water filters for industrial applications.

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