High Efficiency Media Filters

High Efficiency Media Filters


For this project our client required a second High Efficiency Media Filter for use on their site to provide filtration of particulate from their numerous cooling water systems.  The high efficiency media filter is a self cleaning technology capable of providing a filtration degree down to lower than 1 micron.  Filtering to this degree ensures that a high level of water quality is maintained reducing the risk of particulate build-up throughout the system.

This particular high efficiency media filter system has been modified for mobile use to enable the filter system to service several cooling water systems on site.  this media filter has also been fitted with a magnetic separator being used to collect larger metallic particulate entering the filter.

Automatically controlled this system initiates its own self cleaning process and is designed to keep system water losses to an absolute minimum reducing environmental impact and cost.


Mobile self-cleaning media filter supplied by Hydro-Gen Ltd filtering down to a grade of 0.45 micron.
High efficiency media filtration system fitted with magnetic pre-filter supplied by Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd.
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