High Efficiency Media filters for Engine Cooling Filtration

High Efficiency Media Filters – Engine Cooling Water Filtration

In many cooling water applications a common cause of issue is the onset of rust build up within the system.  This particulate causes excessive wear on the cooling system components such as valves, radiators and pumps.  One of our latest projects involves providing a filtration solution for the removal of rust particulate present within an engine cooling water system.  Prior to water filtration the system had a history of damage to the cooling water circulating pump.  Hydro-Gen designed a system for removal of this rust particulate using one of our high efficiency media filters.  As the particulate was only suspended in the cooling water whilst the engine is running the filtration system had to be connected in “side stream” and suitable for high temperatures (up to 80 degrees C.)  Another consideration upon technology selection was that as the water volume in an engine is relatively low water consumption had to kept to a minimum, which is an added advantage of using one of our high efficiency media filters.

This system was devised to act as a maintenance tool to be utilized as part of the engine routine maintenance interval.  To assist with this the high efficiency media filter was fitted with a conductivity meter to provide live measurement of water quality to enable the user to determine when the high efficiency media filter system has completed its task.  Additionally due to the nature of the application the system was sized to provide a high water turnover time to keep the duration of the task to a minimum.  As mentioned as the filtration system can only be effective whilst the engine is running the filter system was specially adapted to suit higher running temperatures.






As part of validation this the high efficiency media filter system was tested, a conductivity measurement and sample was taken at the start of the test.  After a duration of only 30 minutes the system had completed the task and a sample of the cooling water was taken.  After analysis the samples showed that over 80% of solids present in the system had been removed by the high efficiency media filter.






Water samples showing iron particulate removal by filtration

Water samples showing metal particulate removal by filtration

At the start of the test the sample on the left was taken, after 30 minutes of filtration and completion of the filter task the sample on the right was taken from the same sample test point.  The particulate removal can be visibly seen by the settlement of solids at the bottom of the two containers.


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