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Water Filtration

Based in the North west and using the latest cutting edge Industrial and Commercial water filtration technology Hydro-Gen are one of the worlds leading suppliers of Water Purification systems with the ability to meet all of our customers requirements. Our wide range of products include:-

Media Filtration:- able to filter down to <1.0 Micron.

Depth Filtration:- with a filtration range of 10-100 Micron.

Screen Filtration:- Filtration grades up t0 1000 Micron ideal for all flow rates

Drum Filtration:- Filtration range of 20-200 Micron ideal for high flow rates.


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Diesel Generators

Hydro Gen are also specialists in all aspects of diesel generator solutions including sales, installation, maintenance, control system upgrade and associated power switching equipment, Hydro-Gen’s Head Office is based in the North West covering all of the UK.

Hydro-Gen are unique in the area of specialist plant equipment and maintenance solutions for industrial and commercial operations, as we recognise that in today’s modern world, most businesses are heavily, if not completely reliant on power supply as well as reliable water quality.

Lots of our customers prefer to deal with one reliable contact for both their power generation services and water filtration requirements and Hydro-gen are the UK’s only company to provide solutions for both diesel power generation and industrial water filtration with over 30 years experience.


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