Diesel Generator Service winter checks

Diesel Generator Service Winter Checks

Now that winter is well and truly under way, it is always good practice as part of your diesel generator service routine checks to check some of the following points, this will play a large part in ensuring that your diesel generator (either used for prime or standby power) provides you with power when you need it to.

  • Engine/Control Batteries and Chargers

During the winter months we find that the majority of our emergency call outs originate from failure due to faulty batteries or chargers.  We recommend as part of your Diesel Generator Service (weekly) routine is to check that the engine batteries are charged.  This is done in a number of ways:-

  • Ensure that the battery charger is operational, this should be indicated on your diesel generator control panel and also indicated by the checking the on-charge voltage of your batteries.  If the battery charger is faulty it is likely that the batteries will be dead within the day (if feeding a control panel)
  • When the engine is running also check the voltage of the batteries to ensure the engine mounted charge alternator (if fitted) is operational.  Check your manual for specific charge rates.  On a 24VDC system voltages of around 27VDC is expected.
  • Check the Battery electrolyte level is correct and top up with deionised water as required.
  • In some instance as batteries get older their performance will be affected, replacement will be required.  Please contact us discuss replacement.


  • Switchgear Control Voltage Condition.

Although not necessarily part of your weekly Diesel Generator Service checks, the condition of the control and switchgear is equally as important.  Many older switchgear control systems are operated by a separate 24VDC supply.  Again, if not correctly maintained and routinely changed failure can occur when power switching is required.



  • Engine Block Heaters

Also another major factor for generator failure especially in the cooler months of the year, engine heater are commonly fitted to standby diesel generators to ensure that the engine is maintained at optimum temperature to allow the diesel generator to take load in the shortest time possible.

  • Check that the engine heater is operating, this can be easily proven by checking the engine temperature on the diesel generator set instrument panel.
  • Check the condition of the heater hoses for damage/deterioration, hoses can easily perish, if damaged than all engine coolant can be lost resulting in diesel generator set shut-down.

For more information and advice on regular checks as part of your Diesel Generator Service and for a competitive quotation for Generator Service please contact us 

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