Diesel Generator Service in Liverpool

Diesel Generator Service. A major part of keeping your Diesel Generator maintained and in a reliable condition is to have your diesel generator regularly serviced.  Hydro-Gen Ltd provide full diesel generator service packages to suit our customers requirements.  These two Cummins Diesel generators have undergone diesel generator service and as part of the service, load bank testing.  Each set was tested on full load for 4 hours.

As part of ensuring that your Diesel Generator is kept at is most optimal performance Hydro-Gen offers our customers a full comprehensive diesel generator maintenance package to suit our customers needs.  We offer a full generator interval service package including reactive repairs and call-out to get your diesel generator up and running again as quickly as possible.

Why Load Bank as part of Diesel Generator Service?

In many situations the only way to be sure your Diesel Generator set and you appropriate switchgear will start and operate correctly in the event of a power outage is to simulate a mains-fail situation.  In many instances this would require a small interruption in power supply to your installation.  In many cases this is unsuitable.  Even if it is possible to carry out these mains-fails tests this does not always prove that the diesel generator set can supply full load as your installation might not be operating at peak power consumption at the time of the test.  Load bank testing is a simulated load which can be safely applied to your generating set and is able to draw full load capacity from your diesel generator system.  As this can be done independently to your buildings operation the test can be carried out for any predetermined period of time without interruption to your facilities daily operations.

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Diesel Generators being load tested as part of diesel generator maintenance

Diesel Generators being serviced in the north west


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