Screen filters and Media Filters working together.

How Combined Water Filtration Technologies  such as Screen Filters, Drum Filters and Media filters work together effectively 

In this post we to describe how Hydro-Gen’s different water filtration technologies such as media filter and screen filters work together to achieve outstanding results

There is a wide range of industrial water filtration technologies on the market including media filtration (or sand filters.) Screen filters, drum filters and disc filters.

As each different water filtration technology have different attributes and there are a great many requirements  in industrial and commercial water applications it is sometimes necessary to combine a number of water filter technologies to work together to achieve the desired result.

Here is an example:-

A processing plant requires the re-use their process water for a different application on site, they have need to filter to a degree of 50 micron indefinitely, but for chemical usage and quality reason they wish to filter to a finer degree if possible as this will save them money on maintenance and production downtime.  The water quality sent for re-use has an extremely high solids loading with fibrous material.

Step1. Rotary Drum Filtration

In this instance a Rotary Drum filter is placed on the return line of the system before the water is ran into a storage tank.  The Drum filter (rated at 400 micron) is ideal when water filtration of high solids loading is required.  The Drum Filter is gravity fed and the water is passed through a screen on a Drum.  When one section of Drum begins to be loaded with solids then the drum rotates and a new section of screen is used and the dirty section of screen is cleaned and the solids are removed (in this instance to a container) this is an automatic operation requiring minimum maintenance.

inside of drum water filter

Step2.  Self Cleaning Screen Filtration 

With the water quality now at a reasonable quality it is stored in a tank prior to re-used.  As previously mentioned however, particulate no larger than 50 micron is allowed to pass into the system (as this will cause issues later in the customers process by blocking sprayers and nozzles.)

This protection is supplied by a self cleaning screen filter system being fitted to the intake pipe of the system.  The filtration grade of the screen filter is 50 micron, this will allow only particulate smaller than this to pass through.  Again this is a automatically cleaning screen filter.  As the screen filter begins to load with particulate, a self-cleaning system is activated, this system will clean the screen and also allow water filtration to continue during this process.  Screen filters (either self cleaning or non-self cleaning  screen filters are an excellent method of providing a protection barrier to the rest of a system.)

Hydro-Gen’s range of screen filtration technologies include patented technology making them the most efficient screen filters on the market.

FMA 9000 Industrial and Commercial water filtration system

FMA 9000 series Self-cleaning screen filtration system

Step 3.  Media Filtration

As mentioned in the brief for this project, the customer also wants to provide a high level of filtration if possible.  To do this we recommend a Cross Flow  media filter to be connected in side-stream to the unit.  This media filter allows for water to be filtered up to 0.45 micron.  This will act a polishing filter for their system.  When sized correctly this media filters will effectively removed solids to a biological level and provide a higher level of water quality.  When connecting these media filters in this way (side-stream.)  This allows for a smaller unit requirement providing a rapid return on investment.

Crossflow water treatment solutions

If you would like more information on any of our industrial/ commercial water filter technologies including media filters, screen filters and drum filters please contact us.




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