Bespoke water filtration systems project.

Bespoke water filtration projects by Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd.

One of the main reasons that Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd provide several water filtration technologies is that on many occasions when dealing with complex water issues a one size fits all approach is not always effective and a bespoke water filtration system is required

On this particular project  high levels of solids were produced (including paper pulp, grit, general dust and dirt.)  In conjunction with this there was also a requirement to remove finer particulate and also keep bacterial growth controlled.  For this project we provided our customer with three stages water purification.

The first stage of bespoke water filtration was to provide a coarse level of filtration to handle a high solids load.  This was provided by dual bag filtration filtering the water to 200 micron for the removal of larger particles mainly paper pulp and grit.

The second stage of this bespoke water filtration unit is provided by self-cleaning disc filtration.  The self-cleaning disc filter provides filtration to a degree of 50 micron removing smaller particulate present to improve the water quality further and also assist in making the third stage of treatment more effective.

The third and final stage of bespoke water treatment was provided by UV sterilisation.  This was incorporated to maintain control of bacterial growth in the water to improve color and keep odour to a minimum.

These different technologies were then combined using specialised controls in order for them to work in conjunction with each other as a complete bespoke water filtration system.

For more information about this project or to discuss your water filtration requirements please contact us.

Hydro-Gen provide bespoke filtration solutions to suit our customers requirments

This is one of hydro-Gen Ltd bespoke water filtration solutions, combining several water filtration technologies into one complete package


bespoke water filtrations solutions by Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd

This is one of Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd special bespoke water filtration projects.


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