Benefits of Industrial Filters for river/sea water abstraction

Benefits of Industrial Filters for River/Sea Water Abstraction

When water is abstracted from an open source such as a river for example, the quality of this water can vary widely.  Without the correct industrial filter system in place any number of suspended objects can be drawn into the intake and cause problems with equipment, production or in some instance product quality, an example of some of these foreign objects are:-

Garbage:-  Thrown into the water by other water users or water craft.

Floating Debris:- From water-craft or surrounding areas.

Wildlife:- A broad variety of water dwelling species can be drawn into water intakes.  More apparent recently are Eels.  Due to the reduced population of Eels in Britain’s water systems the Environment Agency has released a directive; this directive is targeted towards the use of a screen/barrier as a method of reducing the number of eels and elver (infant eels) being drawn into the intake systems.  Hydro-Gen has in their product portfolio self-cleaning screen industrial filter suitable for a wide range of flow rates.  This Industrial Filter is designed to fit directly onto water intake pipework to act as an effective 100% barrier for Eels and Fish.

Algae:-  Algae is an on-going problem for water users especially during seasons when Algal blooming takes place.  In the past the use of industrial filters to combat this has been difficult due to the “binding” or threading effect of algae.  Hydro-Gen are suppliers of the latest technology of effective self-cleaning Industrial filters.  This Industrial filter technology is installed directly in the pipeline and provides effective filtration a large range of flow rates.

Sand/Silt:- More commonly an issue when extracting water from a source which is tidal or is used by ships and boats.  Due to the disturbance of the water sand or silt can be drawn into intakes and deposited further into the system.  These deposits build-up and can cause reduced flow rates and even blockages.  With the use of the correct self-cleaning industrial filter in place the system is protected from build-up, and reduced maintenance costs and repair works are required.

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