Bag and Cartridge filter housings

Bag and Cartridge Filter housings.

Bag filter assemblyAs part of our dedicated product range Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd manufacture Bag filter and Cartridge filter housings manufactured from Stainless Steel to suit standard sizes of bag filter and cartridge filters.

Bag filtration:-

Bag filtration is an effective method of removing a wide range of material from water, the standard components of a bag filter assembly is a bag filter housing or vessel, a bag filter restraining basket, a bag filter of selected size and media. Bag filters are available in different sizes which use is determined by the system’s flow rate, filtration grade and expected solids loading.Water is typically driven through the bag filter housing via the filter housing’s inlet and is driven by pressure through the filter bag and filtered water leaves the filter via the bag filter housings outlet connection. As water is filtered through the bag filter housing the bag filter begins to be loaded by the solids being retained during filtration. Eventually, the bag filter becomes fully loaded and requires replacement. Bag filter replacement is a relatively quick and easy action as the old bag filter is removed and replaced with a new filter.

Bag filters can generally provide filtration for small particles of a low concentration. The filtration grades are typically available between 1 and 1200 micron for a wide range of flow rates. Bag filters a commonly manufactured from materials such as:- Nylon, Polypropylene, Porous PTFE various felts and woven wool.multiple bag housing

Advantages of Bag filtration:-
• Low investment cost
• Low replacement cost – Depending on sizes, grades etc
• High Loading capacity
• Versatile- a wide range of grades and flow rates are available.
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Cartridge Filter housings
Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd also manufacture Cartridge filter housings in Stainless Steel 304 and SS316 to suit our customer’s requirements, much like the characteristics of bag filtration cartridge filtration is effective for removing fine particles from water however filter performance can range to a higher quality degree (between 5mm – 0.1 micron.)
Cartridge filter housings typically consist of a cartridge filter housing or vessel fitted with inlet, outlet, drain and air vent/pressure gauge and replaceable filter cartridges sized accordingly to suit the individual application. Cartridge filters are manufactured from various materials including polypropylene and porous plastic and have various different designs of construction including pleated, spunbonded, meltblown and sinstered. The different methods of cartridge construction have different advantages to suit each application and the material being removed from the system

BAHAdvantages of Cartridge Filtration:-

• Low investment cost
• Wide range of flow rates and filtration grades available
• Easy to use