Velocitek OVF 300 – Immediate success on Closed Loop Chilled Water systems

Immediate results on a Closed Loop Chilled Water system with the Velocitek OVF 300 When a local Brewery contacted us regarding issues they were having with rust and fine particles within their process water, we had just the solution – our Velocitek OVF 300, pictured below. Rated to 4.5m3/hr and filtering to less than 1[…]

Cooling tower filters

Cooling Tower Filtration

Benefits of Cooling Tower Filtration Improving the quality of water in a Cooling Tower will have significant impact on profits and production. Therefore, looking at ways to reduce fouling, maintenance costs and equipment failure is often an ongoing issue faced when looking at improving the efficiency of Cooling Towers and cooling water systems. However, the[…]

self-cleaning side stream filter

side stream filtration for heating water

Side Stream Filtration Closed loop heating and cooling water systems can contain high levels of suspended solids, these solids can be in the form of large particulate such as sealing tape, swarf, soil, brick dust and pebbles and various construction materials down to very small particulate and biological matter.  This particulate can range in size[…]

The Rotary Drum Filter – The Advantages!

Rotary Drum Filters – The advantages! Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd offer a specially selected range of industrial water filtration systems to suit the very wide range of industrial water applications.  One of the products we offer is the Rotary Drum Filter.  In this blog we provide a brief description of the operation, applications and some of[…]

Bag and Cartridge Filter Housings

Bag and Cartridge Filter Housings Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd specialize in the supply and manufacture of self-cleaning industrial water filters, in order to meet our customer’s requirements we also manufacture and supply bag and cartridge filter housings.  In this particular application we provided a bag and cartridge filter housings assembly to act as a pre-filter and[…]

Water Filter Tanks

Water Filter Tanks As part of providing the correct filtration solution for our customers and not simply and “off the peg” solution Hydro-Gen can provide our customers with bespoke solutions, for this particular solution Hydro-Gen designed and manufactured special water filter tanks.  The water filter tanks were used in a brewery facility were solids were[…]