Advanced Media Filters

 Advanced Media Filters

Hydro-Gen Engineering are manufacturer of Advanced Media Filtration systems this is Velocitek OVF, which is one of the leading media filtration technologies.  The Velocitek OVF achieves substantial energy reductions and dramatically improved performance for operations using water. Suitable for countless industrial and commercial purification applications, this specially developed water filtration system enables the filtration of water down to an impressive 0.45 micron as opposed to the standard 20 micron from other associated media filtration systems.


As official distributors,  these Advanced Media Filters can be supplied anywhere in the world.


  • Flow rates of up to 5 times the normal flow of a 20 micron media filter
  • Filters down to 0.45 micron
  • Highly efficient
  • Significant energy and cost savings for your operation
  • Reduced backwash time leading to reduced backwash water loss by up to 95%
  • Cleans up older contaminated systems as well as maintaining newer systems
  • Enables more effective chemical treatment with less chemicals required
Examples of Applications
  • Effluent conditioning enabling re-use
  • De-salinisation plants
  • RO and UF pre-filtration
  • Cooling tower control and chemical reduction
  • River and Lake water filtration
  • All closed loop cooling systems
  • Metal element removal from Borehole water
  • Heat exchanger protection
  • Boiler protection
  • Injection molding/molding machine filtration
  • Pollution control
  • Robotic cooling

Main Features

  • Innovative and cutting edge technology
  • Suitable for flows from 0.25m3 / hr upwards
  • Available in carbon steel DWI epoxy coated, SS 304 or SS316
  • Patented technology


We are finding more and more applications where Advanced Media Filter is proving to exceed expectations, reduce costs and maximise efficiency so please contact us to discuss how your business could benefit from water filtration products.

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