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Velocitek OVF (Optimised Media Filtration)

Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd are proud manufacturers of the Velocitek OVF (Optimum Velocity Filter.) Velocitek OVF is a “state of the art” self-cleaning water filtration system, thanks to its cutting edge technology, the velocity of water within the filter system is optimised to each application to provide most effective filter performance.

Self-Cleaning Screen Filters

This FMA9000 series up-standing self cleaning water filter system is suitable for flow rates up to 1250m3/hr (per unit.) This unit has a filtration range of 10-1000 micron making this filter suited to a wide range of applications.

Rotary Drum Filters

Hydro-Gen are suppliers of the latest designs of Adriyatik Gravity Drum Filters or ‘Drum Filters‘. The use of Gravity Drum filtration is most advantageous when high flow rates are required. This industrial self-cleaning drum filter can filter from 10-3000 Micron with flow rates of up to 5400 m3/h. These rotary drum filters require no system pressure to operate and work under gravity.

Bag and Cartridge filter housings

A filter housing is a important component of a filter. The achievement of a filter bag/cartridge, some of which are rated at efficiencies of 99.98% at given micro rating, can be decreased if adjustment is made when buying a filter housing/filter bag vessel.

About Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd

Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd is a specialist company based in the North West UK that services the industrial and commercial sectors with advanced industrial water filtration solutions.

Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd is a specialist company based in the North West UK that services the industrial and commercial sectors with advanced industrial water filtration solutions.

Hydro-Gen Engineering can help you to maintain maximum levels of efficiency and reduce any downtime for your operations. We are therefore able to supply a consistently safe and reliable means water supply for your business with just one point of contact.

Industrial Water Filtration Products and Services

Hydro-Gen Engineering LTD operate as specialists in bespoke, cutting edge industrial and commercial water filtration systems. The benefits of using our water filtration systems for industrial or commercial use include dramatic energy reduction for your company. In addition, businesses may also see significant reduction of environmental impact and cost. The premier water filter solutions that Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd provide have been applied across the world across numerous business and industry sectors, including Paper and Textiles, Steel, Food and Beverage, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive and utilised in such applications as water reuse, process water filtration, borehole water treatment, waste water management, RO protection, the list is endless.

At Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd we pride ourselves and constantly strive to provide our customers with a wide and technologically up to date water filtration system product range. We believe in doing this allows us to provide our customers with the correct solution rather than solely what is available.
Thanks to our strong engineering background we are able to provide expert advise and guidance throughout our customers entire water filtration project.

Thanks to our specifically selected water filtration product portfolio we are able to provide our customers with the best solution for their ever expanding range of industrial/commercial water filtration requirements.

Our products include:-

-Velocitek High Efficiency Media filtration- Providing effective media filtration down to 0.45 micron.

Self-Cleaning Screen filtration– As official distributors for STF filtros we provide a wide range of screen filtration solutions.

Disc Filtration – Highly efficient disc filter systems providing a large filtration area for a small equipment footprint.

Drum Filters – Ideal for filtering liquids of high solids loading. Our gravity drum filters manufactured by Adriatic filtration requires no system pressure and can be manufactured from stainless steel or plastic to suit the water filtration application.

Cartridge filters and Cartridge Filter Housings – Widely used in industry providing a wide range of filtration degrees at a various flow rates. Our Cartridge housings are manufactured bespoke to suit our customers water filtration requirements.

Bag Filters and Bag Filter Housings – Provide excellent manual cleaning filtration, suitable for a wide scope of filtration degrees, bag filters are ideal when water filtration is required when high levels of solids are present and are very economic at high filtration flow rates. Our bag filter housings are manufactured to suit our customers requirements making installation easier and keeping installation costs to a minimum.

Special Projects – At Hydro-Gen Engineering we understand that sometimes a standard solution is not always the best solution for our customers, we provide our customers with bespoke filtration solutions to suit their individual requirements rather than a “one size fits all” approach.

Hydro-Gen Engineering Water Filtration and covers areas in the North West region areas such as Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, Merseyside, however we also operate throughout the UK including Leeds, Birmingham, London, Scotland, Yorkshire, Wales to name a few.

Hydro-Gen Engineering Ltd, Specialist suppliers in water filtration solutions and Diesel Generators

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